Chain Snatcher Shot a Teenage Girl

By ILS October 20, 2015 18:14

Chain Snatcher Shot a Teenage Girl

A 17-year-old girl who was out for a morning walk was shot at when she tried to stop some youths from snatching a gold chain that her mother was wearing.

The girl has been admitted to Raiganj district hospital with a bullet injury in the left shoulder. Doctors said her condition was stable.

Sharmistha Saha, a resident of Adarshapally in Raiganj, was out for a morning walk with her mother Sabita when the incident took place.

“It is a daily routine for the both of us. Today, we left the house around 5am. When we had walked for about 100 metres, we heard a motorcycle approaching from behind. Two youths were seated on it and their faces were covered with cloth,” Sabita said. “The two-wheeler slowed down near us and suddenly, the man riding pillion pulled at my gold chain from the back. I stumbled but regained my balance quickly. The youth got off the motorcycle, pushed me and pulled the chain again.”

She added that the chain broke and the youth managed to grab it. “As he was about to get on the bike, we tried to stop them. One of youths suddenly took out a firearm and started firing indiscriminately. I found my daughter collapsing. I rushed towards her. The duo fled.”

Hearing shots, local people came out of their houses. They found Sharmistha bleeding and her mother crying for help. The girl was take to the hospital.

Later, Sabita filed a complaint with Raiganj police. “I could not identify the attackers,” she said.

Doctors at Raiganj district hospital said a bullet had hit Sharmistha near the left shoulder. “We conducted an operation and took it out. She is in a stable condition but under observation,” said a doctor.

The girl’s father and brother are stockists and they deal in consumer items.

Gautam Chakraborty, the inspector-in-charge of Raiganj police station, said: “We have started an investigation and we are trying to identify the attackers. Residents of the town have no reason to panic as it was an isolated incident. As far as pandal-hopping during the Durga Puja is concerned, elaborate security arrangements have been made. Police booths have been set up, CCTV cameras have been installed in different places and additional policemen would be deployed. We are on alert and will increase vigilance around town.”




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By ILS October 20, 2015 18:14

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